Ultralak is a villain that debuted in Season 6. He is the main antagonist of "The Night Begins to Shine 2: You're The One".

Physical Appearance

As a human, Neil is an African-American man with short receded black hair and mustache. He wears a purple shirt, light black jeans, and tipped shoes.


Ultralak is a ruthless and cruel man. He had no qualms on destroying Cyborg, trying to rid the entire dimension of its music, and even killed those that were not willing to help him, as well as betraying his former friends.


Ultralak in his normal form, Neil Adams

Episode Appearances

Season 6


  • He is the fourth member of B.E.R., though he quit the band.
    • The singer/musician Neil Adams never existed in real life; B.E.R will always have three members in reality.
  • Cyborg calls and considered him the most dangerous, powerful and threatening opponent the Titans have ever faced before.
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