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"Uncle Jokes" is the forty-seventh episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the forty-seventh overall episode of the series.


Starfire joins Beast Boy and Cyborg's comedy trope, and learns their ways, so long as she avoids the dreaded uncle jokes that Robin takes pride in.


In Titans Tower, Beast Boy and Cyborg are at a table looking bored. Beast Boy bets Cyborg that he could make him smile, but Cyborg doubts it so he accepts the bet. Beast Boy turns into a pig and does the Pig Jig. Cyborg couldn't help but laugh. Beast Boy wins the bet but Cyborg bets Beast Boy that he would do the same and he accepts the bet. So Cyborg does the Robo Rag dance while he was in his circuits and Beast Boy also smiled. After that, they did a Bro Boogie. Starfire came to the kitchen and dances, she said she also wants to make them smile. Cyborg and Beast Boy remain in silence.

They tell Starfire that they are the only Titans who are funny. Starfire says she doesn't wish to be the only Titan who isn't funny, but Beast Boy and Cyborg reassure her by saying Robin isn't funny either. Robin bursts into the kitchen disagreeing. The boys tell Robin that he makes "uncle jokes." Starfire claims that Robin never tells jokes about his uncle, so Cyborg and Beast Boy explained that "uncle jokes" are basically cheesy or lame jokes that something an uncle would say . Starfire begs to join Cyborg's and Beast Boy's "comedy duo", but they say that she cannot join, since she can't joke either. Starfire begs until Beast Boy interrupts. He says Starfire is begging wrong. He says that Starfire should make cookies for the "comedy duo." The show "rewinds" to the scene before. Instead of begging, Starfire insists on baking cookies and the boys teach her their ways.

They start with silly walks. Beast Boy uses noodle legs, Cyborg does a Michael-Jackson-like walk, and Starfire bends her legs deeply, leading to her falling on her bottom. Her grade? C+. Next is fun with food. Cyborg puts on egg eyes and orange teeth, Beast boy has carrot teeth and bananas sticking out of his ears, and Starfire slurps a noodle with comes out her ears. B- Now body function humor. They are at a diner, with Cyborg with the smallest burp, Beast Boy with the medium burp, and Starfire with the loudest burp yet blowing the boys away. Literally. A+ Back at the tower, Starfire tries to create a catchphrase. "Boo ha ha." "I am the cool. Shamma lamma mu mu." They disagree to both, sadly.

Robin walks in with a uncle joke. "I was just wondering, what do you call a cow with no legs? Ground Beef! Boom!" He then rocks the air guitar. Raven laughs without showing her face. They call Robin uncle again, leaving Robin mad. Robin says to Cyborg and Beast Boy that they are a bad influence to Starfire, saying that he is the lone wolf leader, the boys are the good natured slackers, Raven is the sarcastic older sister, and Starfire is Robin's unrequited love. If Starfire will not turn back, the tower will be out of balance.

Starfire agrees, adding uncle at the end. The boys say Robin has just been uncle-ed. After the song, Uncle Jokes, Cyborg tells Starfire they are now a comedy trio. Robin yells like crazy saying that Starfire must turn back or it'll mess with their balance. His face starts to turn into the other Titans'. First with Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven. The Titans start asking question as Raven answers. She says that since the Tower is out of balance, Robin has to turn into each of them in order to restore it. Back to Robin, he imitates the crime alert getting louder, and louder, and very annoying. He walks to the titans' computer and searches around the tower, finding their lawn gnomes, with Robin mistaking them as little ceramic people who attack gardens.

He turns in to the titans again destroying all the gnomes. The boys see in pain, realizing the only way to restore Robin is to kick Starfire out of their comedy trio. Starfire hovers over and laughs at Robin. "Ha ha! Look at Robin! He is cray-cray, for the real-real! Not for the play-play! Shamma lamma mu mu!" Starfire sees the boys aren't laughing. Cyborg says to Starfire it was a good joke, adding uncle at the end, while crying. Beast Boy does the same thing. Starfire realizes what they are doing, then accepts to quit but she will need to be comforted by the lone-wolf-leader. Robin bursts in with his grappling hook, then sweeps Starfire off her feet after she faints in his arms. The boys moan about kicking Starfire out of their group, and hope it's enough to make Robin back to normal. He hears them and the tower is balanced again. Robin makes one last joke. "Hey Beast Boy, is your face hurting you? 'Cause it's killing me! BOOM!" The episode ends with Raven giggling, "Boom indeed, Robin. Boom indeed."




  • This is the first episode to premiere on Wednesday night at 6:30 PM.
  • Beast Boy breaks the fourth wall when he tells Starfire to "try this again", then takes out a remote control and rewinds the scene.
  • The clip of Beast Boy looking shocked was used for an "Everyone With A Finn Hat On" commercial.
  • When Robin categorizes each member in their place of team balance, he calls Starfire his "unrequited love" out loud. This goes against his initial embarrassment of revealing his crush to the rest of the team.
  • When Robin categorizes each member, Raven is seen wearing purple gloves, which she has never been shown wearing before.
  • The following roles given to the Titans by Robin are:
    • Robin: Lone Wolf Leader
    • Cyborg + Beast Boy: Lazy Slackers
    • Raven: Typical Sarcastic Older Sister
    • Starfire: Unrequited Love
    • This episode reveals that, if things are out of balance on given roles, Robin goes crazy and impersonates the other Titans to rebalance it.
  • As of this episode, Starfire is the only Titan who has never said the phrase: "Azarath Metrion Zinthos", as Beast Boy said it in "Meatball Party" and "Brain Food", while Cyborg said it in "Legs".
  • On a top 10 video hosted by The Jacob Reviews on Youtube, this episode was the "dis-honorable mention".



  • Beast Boy and Cyborg teaching Starfire about "silly walks" is a reference to the Monty Python sketch, "The Ministry of Silly Walks."
  • Raven can be seen reading a book with a cover similar to that of the journals from the Disney XD show Gravity Falls.
  • In the Uncle Jokes Rap, Starfire sounds very similar to the Auto-Tune Effect, a special effect commonly used by rappers.
  • Robin's "BOOM!!" catchphrase is probably a parody of "Wocka Wocka", Fozzie Bear's catchphrase in The Muppets.


  • In the Uncle Jokes song, Starfire uses the contraction, "don't", instead of saying "do not". This is the second episode where this happens. The first was "Meatball Party".

Running Gags

  • The screen getting stamped by the word a character used to end their joke, such as Robin's "BOOM" and Starfire's "Shamma-lamma-mu-mu".
  • Robin telling uncle jokes and Raven laughing at them.


The transcript for "Uncle Jokes" can be found here.


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