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  • My occupation is A happy contributor (OR HOW THE TOFU YOU SPELL IT) and a Student.
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  • GrandTheftAutoHero (SFPR)

    Hello there, if you wonder why the Userpage of my former name (Sorryforpartyrocking) is empty, it's because i changed my name, just like User:Raven Beauty (Formerly BBRaeFan1530) did, the reason why I did this, because i was getting very annoyed by people talking about the song from LMFAO (Sorry For Party Rocking). So yeah, I couldn't take it anymore so i had to change my username.

    To make people know who i am, i putted '(SFPR)' near my new username so people would recgonize me.

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  • GrandTheftAutoHero (SFPR)

    10. Road Trip Because they must stay at the "T"

    9. The Return of Slade I have to agree with everyone.

    8. Matched The Episode should've have CyJinx in it, there is only RobStar and BBRae

    7. Mouth Hole Because they skipped the part when they we're touching each other's lips!

    6. Hey Pizza! I felt bad for Beast Boy and Cyborg.

    5. Let's Get Serious I hated the ending and it's unknown HOW THE HECK they returned!

    4. Real Boy Adventures I am sick and tired of Robin stealing Cyborg's Robot Suit!

    3. No Power I felt bad for Robin that he lost his leadership

    2. Parasite Because her parasite on her stomach looks really DISGUSTING

    1. THIS ONE I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE MUCH! AND IT IS...... Power Moves Because they just left Cyborg in pieces! Aren't they…

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  • GrandTheftAutoHero (SFPR)

    Since Legendary Sandwich wasn't something like a pilot, i decided to make a fanmade Pilot Episode

    • Raven's Leotard Like Suit was strapless and her cloak is dark blue instead of purple,Raven's Leotard Like Suit
    • Beast Boy started out as a serious person, and his voice was portrayed by Kevin Michael Richardson and was deep and with a Russian Accent, later he is clumsy, and has a kiddish voice portrayed by Greg Cipes.
    • Cyborg's skin is darker and doesn't have sleeves on his arms.
    • Silkie is named Candy, but later in the show, she is named Silkie
    • Starfire had red hair but later in the original show, her hair is pink
    • Terra was in the Team, but later in the original, she isn't in the team anymore
    • Robin could fly, but later in the show, he doesn't have powe…

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  • GrandTheftAutoHero (SFPR)

    Hey guys! I've got a episode idea it is called: Home of challenge spitting

    [At The Bench with Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg and Raven]

    Cyborg: Ugh this is boring!!!

    Raven: You said that like 10 times Cyborg!

    [Robin shows up]

    Robin: Hey guys! I found out how to spit for you lazy slackers! [Spits]

    Raven: Uh... We're proud

    Starfire: OOOOH SPITTING! [Spits with a red color]

    Cyborg: You can spit with a red spit? Robots can spit too! [Spits]

    Beast Boy: [Comes close to Raven] Hey mama, wanna spit on each other?

    Raven: Ugh... Sure [Spits on Beast Boy and Beast Boy Spits on her too]

    Robin: We'll that is a bit disgusting Beast Boy and Raven

    Starfire: Come on Cyborg! Let's spit on each other [Starfire holds him and kisses him]

    Cyborg: [Blushes and hides under the b…

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  • GrandTheftAutoHero (SFPR)

    1.Terra's Return and to fight with Raven about who is getting Beast Boy

    2.Confirm of an episode where BBRae (Bae) will be in it

    3.My Episode Love Struck

    4.An SpongeBob SquarePants Crossover

    5.Bumblebee's speaking role

    6.Banned Episode where Starfire learns bad words, but it isn't banned in UK, Netherlands and Brazil, and the bad words are censored

    7.April Fools Episode

    8.Episode that Raven can't use her magic anymore.

    9.Episode that Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg and Raven quits to be a Teen Titan because Robin doesn't treat them how he wants to be treated.

    10.Episode that Raven accidentaly ripped her cloak and she is living without a cloak so she is finding a way to get her cloak repaired, but magic didn't worked

    11. Episode with Control Freak's reven…

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