"Where Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro? Part 4" is the fourth episode of the four-part special of the same name. It is the 28th of the sixth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the 289th overall episodes of the series.


In the final epic showdown with Carl Sanpedro, the Teen Titans head to Croatia, the home of dragons and ice zombies.


This time, the Titans guess where they are NOT going. Of course, Berto says no to all of the locations, and the Titans groan in response. Berto says that they are going to his home country, Croatia! Beast Boy asks what is a Croatia, and Robin tells him that Croatia is an European nation with spectacular beaches, tasty cuisines, and where Game of Thrones is filmed. Beast Boy gets excited, asking if they are finally going to see dragons, but Robin says that Game of Thrones is fictional. The Titans ignore his comments and start getting excited over Game of Thrones. Starfire gets excited for the backstabbing, betrayals, and sex. Cyborg asks why Berto didn't tell where he was from in the first place, but Berto admits he doesn't even watch GOT because it has too much politics. Frustrated at how everyone is getting the wrong focus, Robin yells at the top of his lungs correcting the Titans and Berto again that GOT is a fictional show. Berto hands them another confidential folder, this time containing information that ISN'T about Carl. Their new task is to go Berto's home in Ždrelac, Croatia to make sure Berto did not leave his door open to let in the Big Croatian Bird in. He also tells them that only his neighbor Blasko can take the bird out if it gets inside.

So the Titans go to Croatia to check out Berto's house. In Ždrelac, the Titans walk in a neighborhood as Robin admires their surroundings and compliments how beautiful the country is, though the four others are more intrigued by any potential dragons, much to Robin's frustration. They go to Berto's house and see that the door is open. The big bird, while inside the house, jump-scares the Titans and they rush to the neighbor's house begging the neighbor, Blasko, to free the bird. They notice that there is a note left on the door. They read the note and learn that Blasko left town after someone stole his octopus salad, which the Titans quickly realize was stolen by Carl. According to Robin's knowledge, Carl must've gone to the island of Pag to drench the octopus in the world-famous olive oil. The Titans travel to Pag, and all except Robin dresses as GOT characters (See References).

At Pag, Robin studies the olive trees with admiration, but the Titans are doing GOT roleplaying. Beast Boy as a dragon starts spitting out fire, but Robin stops him, saying that olive oil is highly flammable. Robin tells the Titans that these trees produce a magical oil that lowers your cholesterol, but Raven thinks it is a magic tree. Raven reaches her hand to touch the tree, and just like the character she's cosplaying, she gets a vision of the past. Robin is dressed up like a bird, taking pictures of himself as he admires his own looks. Robin turns around to see Raven standing there and starts freaking out. Raven tells Robin that she is there to travel back in time to stare at people doing stuff like a creep. Back in the real world, Raven tells Robin that he lives an embarrassing life, and also Carl is at Krka National Park.

They go to the national park and Robin admires the beautiful scenery and waterfalls. Raven reminds them that they already saw waterfalls back in Jamaica, but Robin says these waterfalls are different. Raven begs Robin if they can go to Dubrovnik, the place where GOT is filmed, but Robin refuses. Raven threatens Robin by telling the Titans what she saw in his vision if he won't let them go, and Robin lets her. Raven whispers the embarrassing hobby of photoing himself in a bird suit to the other Titans and they start shaming Robin. The Titans repeat the word 'shame' a billion times, and Robin finally lets the Titans go to Dubrovnik, much to his embarrassment and annoyance. Poor Robin.

Shame on Bird Boy.

They arrive in Dubrovnik, and they spot an octopus leg on a castle bridge where GOT is filmed. Carl appears out of the sky on an Ice Dragon, and an army of Wights and Mr. Freeze appear in front of them. Robin dresses as Jon Snow and the Big Croatian Bird appears to help the Titans. After a long battle, they defeat Mr. Freeze and the Wights, and finally, FINALLY capture Carl.

The Titans take off the hat from Carl, and it turns out that Berto was Carl the entire time!! Berto explains that he set up this wild goose chase in order for the Titans to appreciate and experience cultures all over the world. Berto invites them into the castle, and all of the dishes from their previous adventures are laid on the table in front of the eyes! The Titans gather around the table to eat, and they start doing the usual a capella beatboxing joyfully.

A Capella beatboxing!


Sayonara, Berto.

The episode ends with Berto on the Big Bird flying to outer-space, waving one final goodbye to the audience, honoring and dedicating Michael Jelenic's father, Albert, for his passing in December of 2019: IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR DEAR FRIEND, BERTO.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


Game Of Thrones Titans

Dan Hipp's original GoT crossover poster.

  • This episode features a dedication to Albert Jelenic (Berto), who passed away from natural causes between production and airing.
    • By extension, this is the last episode for which Albert Jelenic recorded his voice.
  • Ždrelac, Croatia, is Berto's actual hometown.
  • When Berto shows the Titans the folder with their mission, a picture of the octopus salad is inside, indicating that Berto may have already had prior knowledge that the salad was going to be stolen.
  • Cyborg, Beast Boy and the girls break the fourth wall after Robin submits to their shaming.


  • Raven is seen unhooded for the 112th time in the series.
  • Music from the series' very first episode "Legendary Sandwich" can be heard when the Titans travel to Pag to see the olive trees.
  • The Titans perform their a capella beatboxing at the end of the episode, as they did in Part 2.



  • At the beginning of the episode, Cyborg is seen wearing his blue cricket uniform and hat from Part 3, which then suddenly disappear in the following shot.
  • Despite cosplaying as Bran Stark, who is incapable of using his legs, Raven frequently stands and/or walks.
  • Beast Boy turns into a dragon in this episode, despite claiming that he doesn’t transform into mythical creatures in “Friendship”.

Running Gags

  • The Titans frequently expressing their desire to go to the city of Dubrovnik, but Robin takes them somewhere else.
  • Cyborg repeating his name, à la Game of Thrones' Hodor.
  • Characters repeatedly crashing into signs and walls while flying from one location to the next.
  • Robin admiring Croatia's beautiful scenery.



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