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"Yearbook Madness" is the forty-third episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the ninety-fifth overall episode of the series.


When Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to create yearbooks for each of the Titans, Robin does whatever it takes to be the most popular Titan.


Starfire, Raven, and Robin are relaxing in the living room when the excited Cyborg and Beast Boy arrive in the living room, wanting to tell the other Titans an idea they had. They begin explaining by taking turns saying words after another until an impatient Robin makes them spill the news. Cyborg explains they want to make yearbooks for each of the Titans. Starfire asks of what year is it of the book, and after some thinking, Beast Boy declares it this year. Cyborg announces that they are finally gonna highlight the events of the previous year in the form of a book. However, Raven hates the idea, believing yearbooks are to only be popularity contests that leave people with hurt feelings. She asks Robin to back her up, but Robin is too busy indulging in an imagination after hearing "popularity contest".

He imagines his yearbook, featuring various photos of himself that make him look the best! He ends his imagination with all the Titans wanting to sign his yearbook, and Robin saying 'There's some space in the corner of THIS page.'

Back in the Tower, Robin approves of doing the yearbook. He adds that he will win all the awards like "best hair" and "class clown", as well as being proved to be socially superior to all the other Titans.

The Titans then start on their yearbook with the classic Picture Day.

With Cyborg serving as the photographer by using his head as the camera, he starts by taking photos of Silkie who is asleep on the stool.

He then does Starfire and uses his saliva to spruce up her appearance a bit.

For Beast Boy's turn, Cyborg tells him to "smile tiger", to which he turns into an actual tiger.

Raven is unenthusiastic about the process and tells Cyborg to get it over with. However, Cyborg is determined to get a photo with her hood off and insists she's pretty underneath. It ends with Raven unleashing her demonic tentacles on Cyborg, causing him to back into a corner and accidentally snap a photo in her demonic state.

Cyborg then does himself, putting his head on the stool to take a photo of his body, while his body takes out a camera from his chest compartment and snaps his head.

Finally, it's Robin's turn, he shows up in a formal dress with his hair slicked back. He mutters about how he must nail the photo and struts about doing warm-up poses. When he finally sits down Cyborg asks Robin to smile, however, Robin refuses as "cool dudes don't smile". Cyborg then coaxes Robin to smile using a dog chew toy that looks like a bird. Robin is unable to resist its cuteness and smiles, much to his horror.

Robin is disappointed with how picture day went. Raven begins reminding him of how she said it was a bad idea, but Robin says there could be more pictures in the yearbook and remains hopeful his yearbook can be salvaged, like the ones in his clubs. Beast Boy points out Robin isn't in any clubs. Robin denies this by saying he's in a lot of clubs but adds he's the only member. Cyborg tells Robin that a club has to have at least two members; otherwise, it's just a sad man hanging out with himself. He and Beast Boy demonstrate that they're in the "Pancake Appreciation Club" and sing the Pancake Song. After seeing this, the Titans decide to start their own clubs.

A montage is then shown of all the various clubs the Titans are in such as: "Animal Club", "Not Quite Human Club", "Napper's Delight", "Thumb warriors", "Girls In Eyepatches and Hooks Hands", and "The High Flyer Club". However, Robin can't get anyone to join any of his clubs. At last, he resorts to the "People who talk to themselves" Club and offers membership to his voices. Raven becomes concerned as for Robin as his lust for being featured in the Yearbook is driving him insane. However, Robin still isn't deterred, and is determined to win all the awards, including "Most Likely to Succeed". Beast Boy asks what made Robin more likely of succeeding, to which he laughs creepily and tells him to watch.

After some time Robin has started designing and creating top-quality boots. He begins selling them on the street. After getting a buyer he opens up a store where sales skyrocket. He ends up opening a multimillion-dollar boot industry called Boots by Robin and receives lots of publicity and record profits. He returns to the Tower confident he will win the “Most Likely to Succeed” award. However, the Titans explain he still can't get the award, as he's already succeeded. A disheartened Robin sighs and blows up his company.

The Yearbooks finally arrive at Titans Tower, and Robin is eager to get validation that he is the best Titan. While all the other Titans discover pictures and awards of themselves, Robin is dismayed to find out he only has one picture which was from the badly shot one from Picture Day. Robin reasons that he has one last chance of being the best, which is to get the most signatures. He meets up with Titans East at a diner and asks all of them to sign his yearbook, except for Speedy. He then sneaks into the Batcave and makes a sleeping Batman sign it.

Before finally, he breaks into H.I.V.E. Tower and forces the H.I.V.E. Five to sign it by beating most of them up. When Robin returns he's confident he has the most signatures, only to discover the other Titans yearbooks are full of signings from various heroes, who they didn't need to beat up.

In desperation, Robin gets his voices to sign his yearbook, with his face shifting to his various voices. The Titans watch in concern. Cyborg tells him it isn't a popularity contest, but Robin proclaims that it is.

Robin finally declares he needs to be in the yearbook. When Starfire reminds him that he has the one awkward picture, Robin explains he means he needs to literally be in the book. Robin asks Raven to magic him into the yearbook, which she refuses and tells him to calm down.

Robin admits he got carried away and instead asks if he could sign her book, which she allows. He then asks her to read out what she wrote, which turns out to be "Azarath Metrion Zinthos", her spell incantation, thereby sending Robin in.

Robin darts from photo to photo, overjoyed that he's in the yearbook. Starfire asks if they can save him, to which Raven answers they could, but asks if they really wanted to. Robin as a drawing then calls out that he won the Year Book challenge before Raven closes it.

Afterward, the viewer is told the respective fates of each of the Teen Titans, with Robin described as being guilty of embezzlement charges behind his company. The whereabouts of Robin is unknown by authorities, and a red-tinted picture of Robin appears for less in a second, as the episode suddenly ends.




  • This episode aired one year after "Real Magic" and two years after "Dude Relax" and "Laundry Day".
    • According to some schedules, this was supposed to air on February 19, 2015, but it never aired, and was instead replaced with "Hose Water" for unknown reasons.
    • This episode might be the sister episode of "Hose Water" as well.
    • It seems like there was a bug in the TV airings where this episode would be available to watch on Boomerang, on March 2, 2015 at 8:30 pm. However, it was replaced with a re-run of "Ghostboy".
  • This is the first and only appearance of Titans East as a whole team in Season 2, their first appearance collectively in the present day, and their second appearance overall.
    • This is also Bumblebee’s first appearance in the flesh, as her previous appearances were either in flashbacks, dreams or cameos.
  • In Portugal, Beast Boy's whereabouts has been censored, and simply says that he gets into some chocolate.
  • When Starfire's picture is being taken, her photo has her appearing in a slightly different animation style.
    • Her appearance was she's wearing that jacket.
  • This is Kitten's first and only appearance in season 2, although it's a cameo.
  • This is Blackfire's second appearance since "Mr. Butt", although it's a cameo.
  • In the final scene, Beast Boy's photo is the only one that's different from the one he got on Picture Day.
  • This is Batman's last physical appearance in Season 2.
  • Yearbooks have gone around since the very beginning of schools, but other companies have started doing them also, which might be why Cyborg and Beast Boy made the suggestion in the first place.
  • This episode aired in 2015, even though it was produced in 2014.


  • This is the seventh episode to focus on Robin's fragile mental state. ("The Date", "Staff Meeting", "Sidekick", "Uncle Jokes", "Puppets, Whaaaaat?", "Sandwich Thief")
  • Beast Boy clambers inside Cyborg's chest cabinet, just like Robin did in "Power Moves".
  • Beast Boy and Cyborg once again complete each other's sentences, which they previously did in "Pie Bros" and "Burger vs. Burrito".
  • The yearbook that Robin imagines makes callbacks to several previous episodes and comics.
    • Terra and Aqualad being together is a reference to "Rocks and Water", where they dated.
    • Starfire, Raven, Jinx, and Bumblebee appearing together is a reference to "Sleep Over".
    • Vixen who first appeared in "You're Fired!" appears again. The same occurs for Jayna.
    • Robin putting a "Kick me" note on Speedy's back is a reference to their rivalry in "The Date".
      • This is shown again when Robin won't let Speedy sign his yearbook later in the episode.
    • Robin's hatred of Gizmo is shown again in the photo of Robin slamming the locker door on him. This was previously explored in "Opposites".
  • Robin imagining the other Titans saying he's awesome is similar to what he did in "Dreams".
  • This is the twentieth time that Raven is seen unhooded, even though we can see her unhooded in one of the pictures of the yearbook. The previous ones were:
  • This is the second time that Robin has made a book specifically to his liking and with his name on it along with a robin. The first one was The Rules of Robin, which appeared in "Robin Backwards".
  • The hairstyle that Cyborg gives to Starfire for her photo is similar to the one she had in "Baby Hands" during Robin's flashback of the first meeting.
  • Beast Boy still thinks Robin isn't funny, which was previously explored in "Uncle Jokes".
  • This is the third time that Robin makes his hands speak to each other. ("The Left Leg", "Multiple Trick Pony")
  • This is also the third time Robin's face has shifted in appearance when he speaks in different voices. ("Sidekick", "Uncle Jokes")
  • Aqualad is seen at the diner with the rest of the Titans East, implying that he must've escaped the trash hole he was sent to since Rocks and Water.
  • This is the second time the Batcave is featured, the first time being in "Sidekick".
  • Robin mentions having voices in his head, which is most likely a callback to The Date, where there was a voice in his head.
  • Starfire's yearbook contains a message from Batgirl saying "Starfire stay away from my MAN!", which is a reference to how Batgirl and Robin end up together in "Staring at the Future".
  • Lady Legasus from "Legs" is referenced, as someone wrote "LADY LEGASUS 4 EVER" in Raven's yearbook, quite possibly the Lady Legasus Fangirl.
  • In addition, Raven's yearbook also has a note from Aqualad saying "Raven, Please take me back! ❤ always, Aqualad", calling back to "Pirates" where the two dated, and "Rocks and Water" where Raven tried to get Aqualad back.
  • The photo of Raven and Beast Boy playing chess may have been from "Matched".
  • Raven's struggle with her inner demonic side is brought up again. ("Dog Hand", "Caramel Apples", "Let's Get Serious")
  • This is the fourth time that Beast Boy dies. ("Ghostboy", "Nature" "Salty Codgers").
  • Beast Boy's small "whereabouts" at the end of the episode state that he eventually dies. This could be the cause of Beast Boy's weird tearful reaction after trying to prank call his future self in the episode, Sandwich Thief.
  • Robin being unable to relax is brought up again ("Dude Relax").
  • Robin's one-sided crush on Starfire is displayed once again while going to Starfire's page in Raven's yearbook, flirtatiously saying "MOST LIKELY TO GET MARRIED" and kissing it.


  • The caption "Napper's delight" is a reference to the song "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang.
  • The music playing during the "Year of the Robin" scene references the chorus of Boys Don't Cry by The Cure.
  • Various references are made in the characters who sign each of the Titans' yearbooks.
    • The people who signed Starfire's yearbook: Alfred Pennysworth, Green Lanterns (Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner), Green Arrow, Mr. Freeze, the Flash, Batman, Captain Cold, Aquaman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Dr. Manhattan, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, the Haunted Tank, Batgirl, Bane, Red Hood, Damian Wayne, and Wonder Woman.
    • The people who signed Raven's yearbook: Robin, Superman, Darkseid, Batman (and Bruce Wayne), Aqualad, Etrigan the Demon, Rorschach, the Comedian, Ra's Al Ghul, Superboy, and Bizzaro.
  • The background during picture day is similar to that used in The Amazing World of Gumball's episode "The Photo".


  • In Robin's imagination, when the Titans all approach him to sign his yearbook, Raven is telekinetically holding her pencil. However, when they all reach over to sign it, she's holding it in her hand.
  • Robin is the only member of the Titans that is completely human, so Beast Boy and Cyborg should also be able to join the "Not Quite Human Club".
  • Aqualad signs Robin's yearbook. However, in "Rocks and Water", he fell into the Trash Hole. He may've gotten out of the hole.
  • Mas, Menos and Kid Flash should be in Robin's speed walkers club since they're speedsters.
    • However, it was speed walkers, not runners. It also could've been done for comedic effect to make Robin be the only member.
  • At the start of the episode, you can see Robin listening to music, and Starfire reading on her tablet. When Beast Boy and Cyborg come in and explain their idea, Starfire's and Robin's things disappear.
  • In Raven's yearbook, Batman is shown to be one of the people to sign it, despite being asleep in the Batcave when Robin was in there earlier.

Running Gags

  • Robin finding out he's the only member of a club he created.
  • Robin getting people to sign his yearbook.
  • Robin acting totally insane and freaking out about his yearbook picture.
  • Robin trying to create clubs so he can have a better chance of being in the yearbook.


The transcript for "Yearbook Madness" can be found here.


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