Yellow Beast Boy, his official team name being Beast Boy the Human Shield, is an emoticlone of Beast Boy, separated from the other personalities and traits of him. Unlike the other Titan alternate versions though, he has no defining characteristic, as Beast Boy is just a simple creature. He is employed on the team as a meat shield to tank attacks.

"Some of Their Parts" marks his debut in the series.


Robin, accompanied by his new and improved teammate Green Cyborg, have separated Beast Boy into the five core personalities of his mind. The object is to choose which one would be the best in a combat scenario. But a quick inspection by Green Cyborg, and he finds that they are all more or less the same- lazy, dumb, and uncaring. None of them have any useful traits- unless... Green Cyborg proposes that one of them could be used as a human body shield. He draws his cannon and starts pumping a blonde haired Beast Boy full of laser blasts. Although singed and hurt badly, Robin likes the idea, and signs up Yellow Beast Boy as a human tank unit.

Like regular Beast Boy, he gets all romantic with Purple Raven, but Robin won't have that. He chooses the vicious Red Raven for recruitment, and she constantly terrorizes Yellow Beast Boy, punching him in the face and all. But hey, it's his job. After Robin grabs Yellow Beastie as a literal shield to block an incoming punch, the crime alert sounds, and Yellow Beast Boy and the new Titans head out.

At the battle, Soldier Cyborg spotted incoming missiles- the perfect opportunity for Yellow Beast Boy to come into action. Against his will, he is used to knock away the projectiles, getting severely bruised and battered, with a bulging black eye and swollen cheeks. A bomb with an set-fuse collides with his face and explodes... after the fight, the damaged yet still useable Yellow Beast Boy cringes victoriously.

But he receives no break. Back at the Titans Tower, Red Raven continues to assault him, no matter what he does or doesn't do. Eventually, Robin shoots all of them with the crystal gun, bringing them back to their former whole selves.


Not all to concerned about being a superhero and the responsibilities that accompany it, Yellow Beast Boy has a chill outlook on pretty much every situation. He's not a fierce warrior like the other Titan emoticlones, but he does his job of being a shield well (even he doesn't want to). Like the other 4 Beast Boy's, he has constant hunger and tiredness.

Physical Appearance

Some of Their Parts Image18

Yellow Beast Boy relaxing at his chair.

Similar to the ordinary Beast Boy, Yellow Beast Boy looks like what his name implies- yellow. He wears a black jumpsuit with yellow-orange coloring on the front and pelvis (normally lavender). He has a gray utility belt and gloves, and his shoes also have yellow highlights on them. Yellow Beast Boy's skin is still green, with large pointy ears and a single tooth jutting out from his lower jaw. His hair is now a light blonde though, and still combed down.

While fighting criminals in Jump City, Beast Boy the Human Shield wears a white, torn T-shirt with orange circular designs on it. The overall look makes him intimidating. But not really.

Episode Appearances

Season 2



"Let's take the purple one. I like the way she's looking at me."

"Why do I have to be the human shield?"


  • It's never revealed what Yellow Beast Boy's defining trait is... although all five of them are more or less the same, he should have one characteristic slightly dominant over the others, such as hunger or lazy.
    • It could be implied that his special ability is simply being a meat shield, although Beast Boy originally never was.
    • Whether Yellow beast Boy can transform into animals or not is unknown. In theory, he should be able to. However, his job as a shield doesn't require him to do so.
    • Seeing as other yellow characters are enthusiasm and perfectionist, but being Beast Boy, it is probably the first one.


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