Quote1 Why do I have to be the human shield? Quote2

Yellow Beast Boy, also known as Bored Beast Boy or Beast Boy the Human Shield, is one of Beast Boy's five split personalities created by the Mysterious Prism. He represents Beast Boy's bored personality.

So far, Yellow Beast Boy has made one appearance on Teen Titans Go! in "Some of Their Parts". He is voiced by Greg Cipes.


With the assistance of Green Cyborg, Robin separates Beast Boy into five individual beings in order to isolate his best personality from the rest and Yellow Beast Boy was one of them. Green Cyborg concludes that all of Beast Boy's personalities are more or less the same and that they would all be ineffective in a combat scenario. However, he proposes for one to be a human shield and uses Yellow Beast Boy as a demonstration, resulting in Robin recruiting him to the newly reformed team. Yellow Beast Boy was also present in recruiting Raven's best personality. He initially suggested Purple Raven, but for obvious reasons, Robin declines. Instead, he recruits Red Raven, who ends up beating up Yellow Beast Boy. During the new team's introduction, Yellow Beast Boy is dubbed as the team's human shield and is demonstrated as that when Robin uses him to block Red Raven's attacks. The crime alert goes on and proceeds to battle. During the battle, Green Cyborg spotted incoming missiles and uses Yellow Beast to deflect the projectiles, getting severely bruised and battered, with a bulging black eye and swollen cheeks. A bomb with an set-fuse collides with his face and explodes. After the fight, the damaged yet still usable Yellow Beast Boy cringes victoriously. Back at the tower, Red Raven continues assaulting him when Robin still sees Beast Boy as the same, but doesn't regret this decision because he thinks made the best team of all time. Robin later on gets the idea to split himself into five in order to create a better crime fighting team and takes out Yellow Beast Boy in order to bring back regular Beast Boy.

Physical Appearance

Yellow Beast Boy looks exactly like regular Beast Boy except the stripe of his attire is yellow and the hair is blond. Later on, he wears a t-shirt with a target practice design on it, signifying his role as the human shield.


Yellow Beast Boy's defining personality isn't shown, although it is implied that he is easily bored as he was sitting in a bored manner when being interviewed. He's more like regular Beast Boy, one way or another. However, because of his role as a human shield, he was shown to be in immense pain each time he took damage.

Episode Appearances

Season 2



"Let's take the purple one. I like the way she's looking at me."

"Why do I have to be the human shield?"


  • It's never revealed what Yellow Beast Boy's defining trait is... although all five of them are more or less the same, he should have one characteristic slightly dominant over the others, such as hunger or lazy.
    • It could be implied that his special ability is simply being a meat shield, although Beast Boy originally never was.
    • Whether Yellow beast Boy can transform into animals or not is unknown. In theory, he should be able to. However, his job as a shield doesn't require him to do so.
    • Seeing as other yellow characters are enthusiasm and perfectionist, but being Beast Boy, it is probably the first one.


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