Yellow Silkie is a separate but somehow still same entity of Silkie, Starfire's pet. He brandishes above average intelligence and leads the Silkie clones against the Robins.

So far, he has appeared in only Season 2's "Some of Their Parts".


At the beginning of the episode, Silkie swallows the Mysterious Prism, a mystifying crystal that can separate someone into five emotions. Robin quickly collects the Silkies, stressing that people are greater than the sum of their parts.

Later in the episode, a disembodied Magenta Robin breaks the prism gun to prevent reuniting, and the crystal goes flying right into Silkie's mouth again. Robin's Emoticlones have gone crazy with power and are extremely annoying. Starfire begs the Silkies to reunite Robin. Yellow Silkie, the smartest of the five, takes the lead against Robin. One on one battles are fought, and eventually it's just Yellow Silkie vs. the leader of the Robins Purple Robin. The two meet at the top of the Titans Tower, and Yellow Silkie is encased in the full body of Silkiebot. Purple Robin charges at him, but Yellow Silkie effortlessly pound him down back to the living room. The larva then jumps down the hole, where crushed remains of Robin are strewn on the floor, and he barfs out the prism, restoring the full bodies of Robin and Silkie.


Like the original, pinkish silk worm, Yellow Silkie is separated into two circular body segments and a head. A green, stinger-like tail can be found on the end of his last segment. Short, stumpy arms extend from his body, and atop his head is a set of green antenna. Normally, Silkie's eyes are all ready overly large, but the black glasses he now dons really bring out his green eyes. The rest of his body is shaded yellow with orange circles on his back and the back of his head.

Episode Appearances

Season 2


  • The fact that Yellow Silkie is deemed the smart side of Silkie is a reference to the classic Teen Titans episode "Nevermore" (and the comic "Pieces of Me") in which Yellow Raven was also witty.
  • Yellow Silkie's glasses are the same pair of whole Silkie's from the episode "Brain Food".
    • This is also the episode in which Silkie might of became very smart, because Beast Boy cast an intelligence spell on the larva.


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