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"You're Fired!" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the fourteenth overall episode of the series.


Due to a recent mission where a planet had gotten blown up thanks to Beast Boy's behavior causes him to be fired from the Teen Titans and gets replaced by The Wonder Twins. When Beast Boy hears this, he tries to sabotage them in order to get them fired.


The Titans are fighting Plasmus on an alien planet. All of them attack except Beast Boy, who is trying to

Eh, eh, I’m a Llama.

decide what animal to turn into. By the time he decides, Plasmus has already destroyed the planet.

Back at Titans Tower, Beast Boy goes to the fridge and drinks milk straight from the carton. Then Robin goes up to him with an Human Resources rep to inform him that he's been fired from the Teen Titans due to his recent incompetence and gross behavior. All of them seem to be sad (except Raven, who displays her usual stoniness), Cyborg especially. Though just afterwards, they decide to scout out a new Teen Titan with animal powers to fill the void.

The tryouts take place later that night, where multiple contestants come and go.

The Wonder twins.

First comes Vixen, who gained the powers of any animal she comes in contact with. This nearly earns her the spot, but she also gains the habits of the animals which none were willing to deal with. B'wana Beast is up next, who splices Silkie and a rabbit together, to all the Titans' horror. Detective Chimp is hardly given a chance, being found as a joke and rejected immediately after walking up to the stage. Then comes Beast Babe, obviously Beast Boy disguised as a girl as an attempt to get back on the team, which all of them see through (even though Cyborg pretended he didn't).

He is water.

Next up were Zan and Jayna, otherwise known as the Wonder Twins. Jayna could turn into any animal and Zan could turn into water, ice, and gas. The Titans only wanted Jayna but they had to accept Zan too because their powers only work together. Thinking Zan as useless, they put him as receptionist.

Zan hated his job, but stuck with it for his sister. Meanwhile, Cyborg and Beast Boy have lunch. Beast Boy thought they were going to plan together to get him back in the team. However Cyborg, although he is BB's best friend, saw how much of a hindrance Beast Boy had been and wanted to keep Jayna. Nonetheless, Beast Boy goes back to Titans' Tower and convinces Zan to help sabotage Jayna so that the Titans kick her out too.

Their plan was going well, as Beast Boy and Zan are able to make Jayna look bad or mess the Titans up during each battle. When it's time to meet up with the Titans, however, they still seem quite content with her. Beast Boy confronts the Titans, pointing out Jayna's mistakes. However, Zan had turned on him and told the Titans that they were sabotaging her. Meanwhile, Cyborg had is feet in Zan, in the form of water. Zan can't take it anymore and flushes  

He’s pretending to be Batman.

himself down the toilet, still as water. The Titans are shocked and propose to retrieve him, with Beast Boy taking up the responsibility of doing so. He transforms into a fish and is flushed by Raven, then after meeting Zan at the end of the drain, turns in the form of a pelican, captures him in his beak, and returns him to the Tower.

Beast Boy, imperfect as he is, is congratulated on this feat. This combined with The Wonder Twins leaving the Titans prompt Beast Boy to ask if the team will accept him back. Robin has something else in store for him however...

The final scene shows that Beast Boy has been given the position of receptionist during off-duty moments, gladly taking calls from anyone who calls the Titans number to locate the Batcave and Batman himself as an opportunity to prank call them, even by impersonating Batman.



  • This is Plasmus' first appearance in the series.
  • The slip Gale gives Beast Boy when he's fired says "You are fired for being terrible!"
  • The Wonder Twins are originally from Super Friends from the 1970's. This episode plays on how lopsided the usefulness of their powers is, which is a common joke about the two.
  • Raven had wished to one day flush Beast Boy down the toilet, which by her luck, she did. It shows the possibility that she likes him. 
  • Vixen and B'Wana Beast are normally Justice League members. Detective Chimp is also a real, if old and obscure, DC Comics character.
  • It is shown that Cyborg can take off his robotic feet, as he was cooling them of in Zan's water form.
  • Speedy's bows and "Hot Spot's Flare" could be seen at one point in the show.


  • This is the second time Beast Boy got fired. ("Pie Bros")
  • When the Titans enter the Tower after getting defeated, Raven's appearance with her torn cloak is very similar to how she appeared in "Pie Bros" after emerging from the pie machine.
  • This is the first time a Titan leaves the team, it later happens with Raven in "Legs".
  • This is also the first time a Titan tries to quit the team, as Zan tried to quit before he and Jayna leave together. ("Starliar", "Legs")


  • While on the computer, Zan is on a website called DCUbook, a parody of the popular social media website called Facebook, with DCU meaning "DC Universe".
    • Several posts can be seen on the DCUbook page including: a post by Batman stating "Good job old chum!", a post from Robin stating "Fighting crime like a boss! @downtown #jumpcity", an ad for swim lessons with Aquaman, and a personal trainer ad with Superman.
  • The exploding planet in the beginning is similar to the explosion of the planet Zebes from the Metroid series.
  • When Zan turned into a ice unicycle, and Jayna turned into a octopus, it was a reference to an episode of Super Friends known as "The Stowaways from Space".
  • When Zan says he will join the ocean, his shape is very similar to Inky, a ghost that appears in Pac-Man.


  • During the first sabotage, Zan turned into water without activating his powers with Jayna when he was in the fish bowl with Beast Boy swimming around in him as a fish.
  • The toilet flusher is on the right side of the toilet, when it's normally on the left.
  • Cyborgs feet appeared as human feet instead of his normal cyborg feet.
    • Although it could be possible this was meant for comedy or that Cyborg did not lose his feet in the accident.
      • It was shown in a future episode, "Man Person" that Cyborg lost his legs, but this could be for comedy or just to cheer Beast Boy up.

Running Gags

  • Someone continuously calling Titans Tower, mistaking it for the Batcave.
  • Everyone thinking Zan's powers are useless.
  • Raven saying "Never mind."
  • Cyborg acting heartbroken over Beast boy being fired.


The transcript for "You're Fired!" can be found here.


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